Modern software solutions. 
Experienced engineers.

Imagine. Invent. Implement.


Having a problem that software could fix? Let’s find the best way to do it!
Want to take advantage over business  using modern web technologies? We’ll direct your imagination in a right way.
Just give us idea of what you need, and we will help you define and develop it. 


There’s nothing impossible in software development. If using one of many existing programming tools and approaches doesn’t meet your requirements, we’ll invent something that does. Professional consulting and careful planning are essential for business!


We mastered plentiful deadly weapon in the field of programming. After defining your idea and creating a plan, we go to the execution – pick weapon of choice best fitting our project, gather a team and the war begins! Each solution fulfills our demanding software standards.


Budget and time efficient. Friendly. Responsible.

We aren’t afraid of difficult challenges. As a custom software development company we cover variety of industries and develop software in a technically simple, visually engaging and user friendly manner!

Great business is built on great values!

People are the most important value. Then comes the knowledge, skills and experience. Last but not least,  you need great equipement and tools. We have all of these and we want to share it with you!


We work with small and large scale companies, but all of them require reliable professionals. We provide them by constantly seaching the market and filtering the best profiles for our projects. We invest time and knowledge to make sure our employees have solid foundation that’ll help them cope with any coding challenge they may face. People before anything else!


We are confident in our extended expertise building software for various industries. We use PHP, Java, Python, NodeJS, MySQL, MongoDB, JavaScript, Angular, React JS & React Native, Git, Jenkins, Docker, Material Design resources, WordPress, Expo, Electron, Capacitor, KandoUI, D3 & C3 and many other modern libraries and frameworks. You name it!


Great developers with poor equipement isn’t something our clients and partners deserve! We invested in quality hardware and software that help us push the limits even further. We use IntelliJ IDEA with its awesome plugins, Browserstack for testing web products on various devices, Android Studio and XCode for testing mobile applications. We all have gaming Windows Lap Top (Asus ROG Strix II) and MacBook Pro along with Android and iPhone devices.


We understand that top talents aren’t born, they must be created! Our IT Hub aims to become the serious source of mid-level developers that have good potential to one day become serial software killers. We invest money and time to share knowledge and experience, to provide production like, real test projects for our students. On the other side we support and donate to NGOs and education centers that share our views and values.

Clients. Projects. Partners.

First of all – FRIENDS! We love working with our partners and we want to ensure that clients keep getting back to us for more exciting software development challenges!

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What can we do for your business?

Software technology can boost your sales, help you track and analyze important data. It can prove to be an irreplaceable contribution to your brand’s strength on the market. Here’s what we offer.


– You have idea and budget
– You lack technical knowledge
or software developers
– You want fully engaged and dedicated team
– We offer combination of HRs, PMs, Backend / Frontend Developers, DB & Big data architects, Designers etc.
– We make a roadmap with measurable benchmarks
– Together we evaluate progress after every iteration until project is fully delivered



– You have ongoing project 
– You need software developers to boost your product
– You want specific type of people who’ll fit well in your team
– We have awesome HRs, PMs, Backend & Frontend Developers, DB & Big data architects, Scrum Masters, Designers etc.
– We define their roles, obligations and salary rates 
– Together we evaluate their progress on scheduled timetable 



– You have live and rocking piece of software and good developers
– You have good sales, but you feel you could further improve the quality of your product
– You are aware that engaging professional advisor in technical field could easily save enormous amount of time and money
– We will give you top notch engineers that’ll take a close look at you codebase (DB, BE & FE) 
– They’ll provide you with suggestions on possible improvements and warn against bad code practices & mistakes
– They can spot the possibilites & traits you never saw you had


We. Love. Statistics.

Honestly, statistics doesn’t mean someone’s good. But it helps us see where we are in the timeline.

Lines Of Code

Software Products


Earn. Support. Donate.

We believe that Good always conquers! We believe in unselfish Love & we live it every day. Share Love!

Mladi!nfo Montenegro

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro is a voluntary, independent, non-political and non-profit organization.  The main objective of the association is improving the situation of young people, informing, promoting volunteerism, active participation in society, as well as raising public awareness of the issues and problems that concern young people.

NVO Pandora

Die NGO Pandora von Herceg Novi hat auch den Kampf gegen die Gewalt gegen autistische Kinder als die am stärksten gefährdete Gruppe im System ihrer Arbeit eingeführt. Unser Ziel ist es, Kindern mit Autismus ein Menschenrecht zu verschaffen. wir richten gruppenworkshops für autistische kinder ein, um ihnen den alltag zu erleichtern.  

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We love to meet new people & explore new possibilities. If you would like to work with us, either as our colleague or a client, feel free to reach out. We’ll give our best to carry out your desire.